Biofach 2020

2020/02/17 andre

Here you can read our Group’s article about the 2020 BIOFACH…

Nuremberg… Bavaria’s capital and one of Northern Bavaria’s most important economic and cultural centers which has been home to BIOFACH for the thirty-first year. This year our group was represented  itself in the visitors’ camp.

Nuremberg is a very quiet, peaceful city. The cleanliness of the public areas and the hospitality and helpfulness of the inhabitants are exemplary. It is interesting to note that the old part of the Old Town’s and the modern city centre fit together in the same harmony as the modern, digitally-equipped buses on the surface and the U1 subway with wood interior and manually opening door in the underground.

The first BIOFACH was created by Hagen Sunder, Hubert Rottner and Jürgen Ries with the determination to open the way for organic farmers to communicate with each other. At first the event has been working with 197 exhibitors, and now since it’s being organized by the Nürnberg Messe has now attracted thousands of exhibitors to the event in the heart of Nuremberg. This year the event’s been held from 12 to 15 February 2020.

This year’s BIOFACH also hosted the VIVANESS event, which focused on biocosmetics and beauty.

BIOFACH 2020 focused on 5 target areas:

– Network

– Market

– PR

– Knowledge

– Politics

From the farmers to the processors – the testing, nutrient replenishment and shipping companies and entrepreneurs from these industries were represented at the event. The market represented guests from all over the world, from Asia though Europe to the American continent. It is a new phenomenon that individual countries, such as Brazil or Vietnam, have grouped together their products and services at a national level, consolidating their national belonging.

It is certain that anyone who wants to stay up to date on the organic market has somehow been represented at this year’s BIOFACH event. It is important that the event not only provides visitors with a market, but technology, experience and know-how exchange can be beneficial to all organic farmers in production.

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Tamás Jóni – MagOrganic Group