The companies that make up the group

Bánó Tanya Agricultural LLC.

In the area of nearly 700 hectares, we are primarily engaged in the cultivation of organic sweet corn, organic popcorn and organic sunflower. In 2017, we planted ecologically certified walnuts on 20 hectares, and in the autumn of 2018 we planted another 10 hectares of herbs – chamomile, yarrow, oregano, lemongrass – also in of organic farming. In 2018, we expanded our irrigation capacity from 60 hectares to 200 hectares. The Company intends to further increase the irrigated areas in the period of 2021-2022.

Bio Bos Agricultural LLC.

Our company farms 30 hectares of arable land and 1,200 hectares of grassland. Our main profile is the preservation of the native Hungarian gray gene pool. To this end, we breed our 950 individual breeds. Our animals graze on the controlled primeval grasslands in the Hortobágy National Park, during the winter we ensure their development with fodder produced on our fields. In accordance with the philosophy of our group of companies, the bio-control of animals was introduced in 2018. Currently, our 1-2 year old heifer herd is in full organic status.

Róna Hát Agricultural LLC.

The Róna Hát Agricultural LLC. was established in May 2019 as the second company in the Livestock sector of the Group. Like Bio Bos, the Company cultivates animals in organic status on nearly 200 hectares of grassland in the Hortobágy National Park, which is certified by Biokontroll Hungária.


The Company became the property of our Group at the end of 2020 – thus strengthening the livestock sector of the Group as the third Company. Like Róna Hát Agricultural LLC, It breeds animals on nearly 200 hectares of grassland in the Hortobágy National Park, also in a controlled organic status.

Fövenyes Agricultural LLC.

Our main profile is the cultivation of cash crops – wheat, corn, industrial sunflower – in addition to the production of feed materials – primarily alfalfa – in accordance with organic farming. All this includes an area of 900 hectares, of which 65 hectares can be irrigated. Our plans include further expanding the irrigable areas to 400 hectares so we can stabilize our yields and expand our sowing plan toward crops that require irrigation.

Magor-DAK PLC.

It is the founding company of our group of companies, which has nearly 300 hectares of its own land.

Magor Secvice LLC.

There is an increased demand from companies engaged in organic farming to store their crops. From 2020, Magor Service LLC. is able to provide professional, bio-controlled storage of 10,000 tons of crops in 5 organic granaries at two sites and the related post-harvest activities.