What we offer

Wage work

MagOrganic Kft takes on agricultural contract work with a high technical background from soil preparation to harvest. Taking into account the most modern technological steps, we offer a precision technical machine line for contractors using RTK-precision automatic steering and yield mapping.

Wage work supply

Operation nameprice
Plowingstarting from 25 000 Ft
Soil preparationstarting from 27000 Ft
Medium Deep looseningstarting from 30000 Ft
Deep looseningstarting from 40000 Ft
Dialingstarting from 2500 Ft
Plowing tillagestarting from 8000 Ft
Sowing with fertilizer spreaderstarting from 6500 Ft
Sowing closurestarting from 7000 Ft
Row cultivationstarting from 12000 Ft
Harvestingstarting from 24500 Ft
Shreddingstarting from 10000 Ft
Mowingstarting from 10000 Ft
Driftingstarting from 5000 Ft
Balingstarting from 1650 Ft
Cylindrical baled material transportstarting from 10000 Ft
Other transportation workstarting from 10000 Ft
Fertilizer applicationstarting from 5500 Ft
Sprayingstarting from 7000 Ft
Weed combingstarting from 5000 Ft
Transport of chaff and manurestarting from 10000 Ft
Trampling, pushingstarting from 10000 Ft
Organic manure spreadingstarting from 7000 Ft
Loading worksstarting from 14000 Ft
Service with manual laborstarting from 5000 Ft
Workshop servicesstarting from 6000 Ft

Tire workshop:

From year 2020 MagOrganic LLC. Undertakes tire installation and repair works of agricultural machines and automobiles at the Kékessy Major site.

ItemsPrice /pc.
Centering alloy wheelsfrom 1 200 Ft
Centering plate rimfrom 1 000 Ft
Puncture repairfrom 1 500 Ft
Wheel Down Mounting without centeringfrom 800 Ft
Wheel disassemblyfrom 1 000 Ft
Wheel guard removalfrom 1 000 Ft
Mounting centeringfrom 1 750 Ft
Storage rubber (ft / monsoon = semester, after each semester started)from 1 590 Ft
Cargo mounting
15″-22″3 000 Ft
23″-28″5 000 Ft
28″-32″ + tractor rear wheel6 000 Ft
over 32″ without mounting (except tractor rear wheel)10 000 Ft
Mounting (Ft/pc.)4 000 Ft

Our prices include the VAT!

For more information, please inquire Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., in person or on telephone during business hours at + 36 / 70-796-4240

Our machine park:

  • Power engines:
    • Between 99-400 hp
  • Combine harvester:
    • JD T660i combine with RTK system and yield mapping
  • Transportation technology:
    • starting from 8 tons
  • Mounted machinery:
    • manure spreader, nutrient spreader, cultivator, loosener, forage harvester, seed drill, disc, combine, compactor, sprayer, row cultivator, baler, rake, swather, mower, plow
  • BIO production specific machines:
    • Camera-controlled row cultivator, weed comb, spoke hoe

Wage storage

The company group currently stores products only from organic cultivation under the certification of Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft. We take on storage not only for farmers but also for traders if they are bio-certified and take responsibility for the chemically-free produce.

We hope that as a result of our high quality work, the quality risk of the crops stored in our places will decrease. As part of this, we plan to introduce a quality assurance system to monitor the entire life cycle of the products delivered to us and to ensure the consistently high quality of the products delivered to our partners.