A Hungarian enterprise that has built a modern, environmentally conscious farm while preserving noble traditions. A group of companies that connects the past with the present and even the future, moreover, performs outstandingly high quality agricultural work and a unique partnership, offers a wide range of services in the field of organic farming.

The past

MagOrganic Ltd. is owned by the Kékessy family. The family’s farming business was founded on grape and fruit-growing between the world wars; the family had over 40 hold (a hold, or ‘moon’ is an old Hungarian unit of land measurement) of cultivated land. The crops included György Kékessy’s famous basket willow or osier.

The family’s commitment to agriculture was proven soon after the change of political system in Hungary. In 1991 a company named MAGOR-DAK was established. The company’s main profile was growing field crops, raising livestock, and the cultivation of traditional willow for baskets and furniture. In 2011 the Kékessy family, who have lived near Tiszafüred for several generations, bought the Tiszaigari Agribusiness Ltd. In 2018 the company was renamed MagOrganic Ltd.

The present

Economic changes, the owner’s commitment to environmentally conscious husbandry and ever-improving efficiency required the centralisation and further development of the company structure in order to continue farming organically.