For Buyers

For Buyers

What we offer

The MagOrganic Group offers you the following agricultural products and services:

  • Organic agricultural crop storage, cleaning and agricultural contract work
  • Purchase of Organic agricultural crops
  • What we offer for sale:
    • Organic wheat
    • Organic sunflower (LO, HO)
    • Organic corn
    • Organic herbs
    • Organic Hungarian gray calves

We produce our agricultural products under the control and certification of BioKontroll Hungária LLC.

Why should you choose us?

Our group takes on the integration of organic farmers from tillage to seed procurement, in the entire vertical of nutrient replenishment, application, plant protection, harvesting and storage.

Our goal is to develop a partnership with other organic farmers that promotes the production of larger quantities but similar quality crops, which will lead us to achieve better sales opportunities and higher prices in this growing but increasingly distrusting organic market.

What do we give in this context?

Technology, expertise, seeds, nutrients, agricultural services and sales assistance.

If you are interested, ask us for an offer.