Irrigation methods and solutions II. – Center pivot

2022/04/26 tamas

A center pivot

The center pivot is the flagship of modern irrigation technology. The system can provide sufficient irrigation in large areas relatively quickly.

The equipment is based on a very different technology from the drum system. The word “pivot” means hinge. This term describes its operation well, since the towers installed in the areas emerge from the ground in the form of hinges. The heart of the equipment is the central tower, which is fed by the water source and is located on a reinforced pedestal – this is where the entire circulating system receives its water. The other half of the hinge consists of a long piped system that cuts the board while rolling on wheels. During operation, the system describes a circle or semi-circle, watering the board or part of it.

Modern systems can already be controlled via mobile applications, thereby controlling the amount of water applied, the speed and intensity of irrigation, and the radius of the described circle, so this equipment offers a convenient solution for farmers who are open to new things.