Irrigation methods and solutions I. – Drums

2022/04/26 tamas

The drum irrigation.

Simplest and most practical method is the reel drum irrigation system. It consists of mobile elements, so-called drums, which can be stored anywhere outside the irrigation season.

Its advantage is that it has a favorable price, yet delivers sufficient irrigation water to the area, and that it can be used both in arable and horticultural crops. The installation of the classic equipment does not require construction work in the field and on the canal, if the distribution of water can be solved economically with pipes.
The disadvantage is that every time you irrigate, you have to build the backbone pipe line from the water source to the field, which provides the irrigation water. It is also possible to install the connection points of the drums (the hydrants) as well as the backbone line in the ground, thus saving the time required to lay out the pipeline. The operation of the system is simple: the drums must be transported to the board and then connected to the water source. If there is enough pressure, the drum rolls itself up and watering is carried out at a continuous, slow pace by retracting (winding) the drum. An end cannon or an irrigation console can also be attached to the system. On modern equipment, the amount of irrigation water to be applied can also be regulated in millimeters/hectare.